Thursday, July 31, 2014


Sukienka maxi jest uniwersalna. Letni spacer, wyjście ze znajomymi, a nawet większa impreza - zawsze się sprawdza. To samo dotyczy długiej spódnicy. W tym sezonie wszystko co maxi jest na topie, więc dziś kilka zdjęć z upalnego, letniego wieczoru. 

Maxi dresses and skirts are quite versatile. Summer walk, evening in the garden, hanging out with the friends in downtown - there are many occasions to wear long skirt or dress. Here are our ideas to wear them. 


bluzka / blouse ZARA
spódnica / skirt  Vyosna Leisure Time
buty / shoes River Island


sukienka / dress ZARA
buty / shoes BCBGeneration
bansoletka / bracelet bizuteriagart.plApart


bluzka / blouse MANGO
spódnica / skirt MANGO
pasek / belt MANGO
buty / shoes Sandra


Friday, July 25, 2014


bluzka / blouse ZARA
spodenki / shorts  Atmosphere
torba/ bag  PUMA
bransoletkai/ bracelets  Apartby dziubekaGlitter
buty / shoes Reebok
cardigan River Island

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Oto wszystkie moje ulubione produkty. Najprościej mogłabym o nich powiedzieć: producent dotrzymał obietnicy, którą umieścił na etykiecie. Większość z nich kupuję od lat i nigdy mnie nie zawiodły.

Today I'm presenting my ultimate winners: products that I buy over and over again. They work for me and all the producent's promises are kept. I just love these products:

And here are several products that seemed to be good for me and it turned they were the biggest mistakes ever.
 My biggest disappointments:

Revlon photoready airbrush is very shimmery (more than its liquid version) smells quite weird, it's really hard to dose a proper amount, and it doesn't provide any sun protection, 
Bourjois bio detox - after loving sooo many of the Bourjois foundations I was excited to try this one, but it turned it stucked to every flaw of the skin, it feels really heavy and sticky (this weird "wet" feeling) , if I don't touch it for a week a dry cork blocks the pomp, moreover it's  hard to apply.
Since I like most of MAC products, MAC mineralize satinfinish foundation disappointed me all the way. I would not presume I'd be that disappointed in any of their products. Pros: it has a good package, and it's the only one. On my skin it's totally unblendable, if a single tear goes down on my cheek during the day (even a little one caused by the wind) the visible line appears, the effect on the skin is just ridiculous.
I love Dream satin liquid foundation but Dream nude airfoam is way worse. It's not blendable, it smells badly (it's not only my opinion), it feels sticky. 
Revlon customeyes eyeshadows has almost no pigment. The colours look fine in the box but even with the best primer you can't work with it. Waist of money. 
L'oreal telescopic liner has the tip that gives you almost no control, I personaly found it very difficult to work with. And it also dried really fast. 
I have this Estee Lauder lipstick in colour "pink sand" and it shows off any dry skin, it stays on my lips for 30 minutes max. I would never buy this again.
Most of make-up removers work just as Lancome be-facil (but cost 8 times less) or way better than this product, so what's the point of buying it?
I used to try almost all Garnier Fructis shampoos but that is the only one that leaves my hair in such a bad condition. My hair becomes greasy after one day. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Mamy to szczęście mieszkać w pobliżu wielu jezior, więc gdy tylko możemy, pakujemy torby i jedziemy na plażę. W naszym wyposażeniu zawsze są: spray do opalania z wysokim filtrem, kilka gazet, książka, aparat, okulary przeciwsłoneczne, jakiś koc, no i oczywiście ręczniki. Szykowanie nie zajmuje nam więcej niż 15 minut: zakładamy strój, jakąś zwiewną sukienkę (Kinia woli spódnice), klapki na nogi, make-up w stylu no make-up i...jedziemy.

We are lucky enogh to leave by the lakes, so whenever the weather is good enough we pack our things and we go to the beach. We always take: UVB/UVA protection with high SPF, few magazines, books, camera, sunglasses, a blanket and of course towels. Usually getting ready doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. We prefer casual style, which means: swimwear, dress, flip flops, and make-up in no make-up style, that's it!

 Maja ma na sobie / Maya wears: 
strój / swimwear MOODO
sukienka / dress  H&M
torba/ bag  Monnari
bransoletka / bracelet  Apart
okulary / sunglasses  Ralph Lauren (zwinięte Julii / stolen from Julia)

Kinga ma na sobie / Kinja wears:
strój / swimwear skórzany no name / leather no name
spódnica / maxi skirt  projektantka Vyosna Leisure Time
top  H&M
torba/ bag  risk. made in Warsaw
okulary / sunglasses Ray Ban

strój / swimwear Esotiq
sukienka / dress  Mango (dress made from a skirt ;))
okulary / sunglasses  Ralph Lauren
buty / shoes Aldo